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Wally is an active two way, three driver speaker including both signal processing and power amplifer and is thus ready to be connected to preamps, home theater amps, Internet radios, music servers, an Ipod or to your 2-channel hifi system.

Audio is sent to the Wally´s via digital wireless link. The link interfaces to anoalog and digital sources including USB. Up to eights Wallys may be connected to the same digital wireless link, offering true multiroom, multiplay cabalility.

Wally is available in a vairety och designs with dark or ligh anodized front and different screen types.

Wally is a fullrange unit and will play down to 70 Hz and can be used on their own or in conjunction with a sub-bass system such as E-Low.

Severeral Wally´s can be used in a home theater configuration or to provide discreet high quality sound in rooms and spaces that normally don’t allow for floor standing speaker systems.

Placement is on wall at ear height. For qualitative listening the listener to speaker distance shall produce a like-side triangle. Avoid placement in relative proximity of corners but at same time avoid symmetrical relationship in distance on wall. An optional floor stand allows the Wally to be used freestanding.

Technical data;

Size: (WxDxH) 585x585x39mm
Weight: 11 kg
Power requirements: 230/115 volts 50VA
Sensitivity: Nominally -10dBU
Inputs: Power; IEC socket with power switch
Outputs: Antenna, WiFi
Control: Manual-on, Auto-on, Off
Indicators: LED for standby and ON

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