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Earound is an active speaker system meaning that both signal processing and power amplifier is integrated.
Earound is available in standard configuration of Piano black, Chinese red, Ultramarine, Jaguar blue and Blizzard white. All in high gloss lacquer.
Earound is available end 2011.

Earound will play down to 40 Hz and can be used on their own for most source material in a stereo pair or in home theater configuration. Adding a qualified sub-bass system such as E-Low fills the bottom end and allows for higher total soundpressure level.

Placement is ideally in an open room where furnishing is centered an away from any wall. Although good imaging is produced in broad angle, for qualitative listening the listener to speaker distance shall produce a like-side triangle. Avoid placement in relative proximity of corners.

Listening notes

Technical data;
Size: (WxDxH) 400x400x900mm
Weight: 40kg
Power requirements: 230/115 volts 50VA
Sensitivity: Nominally -10dBU
Inputs: Power; IEC socket with power switch

One balanced XLR
Outputs: none
Control: Manual-on, Auto-on, Off

Sensitivity (potentiometer)
Indicators: LED for standby and ON.
N.B - Information is preliminary and subject to changes.

2011 EARO